The Severity of Dental Stains Will Determine the Necessary Whitening Method

Dental stains can develop on your teeth when tiny particles from dark beverages and foods become trapped on the surfaces of your teeth. If these minor surface stains aren’t removed each day they can gradually start to saturate the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel.   Scheduling a whitening consultation at Dr. ’s dental office… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Will Make Your Smile Perfect

Making your smile bright, white, and full of healthy teeth is our job. Working in an advanced field called cosmetic dentistry, Dr. can perform dental treatments that will heal and brighten your smile. Though can use many different techniques, there is one commonality between them all: they will make your smile better, brighter, and ready… Read more »

Dental Implants and You

Missing teeth: you’ve noticed the impact they have on your smile’s aesthetics, the way you speak and the way you digest your food. There’s an answer to your problem: dental implants. in , would like to help you with any questions you have. Here are some of the basics: What exactly is a dental implant?… Read more »

Habits, Genetics, and Your Teeth

Would you be surprised to hear that some individuals are more likely to some health issues than others are? You might have also heard that your genetics affect your appearance, but did you know that genetics can also affect the health of your smile? Unfortunately, some individuals are more vulnerable to problems like tooth decay…. Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health and Smile with CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crowns

Improve your oral health and smile with CEREC® same-day dental crowns. Did you know that CEREC dental crowns can be made at your dentist office instead of being sent off to a lab while you wait for weeks on end for your dental crown? Oftentimes with dental crowns, their need is immediate, and although temporary… Read more »

Bone Grafts: How to Recover Following Treatment

If you’ve recently had a bone graft in , , you’re on your way toward a restored oral health! However, that’s only the case if you take the recovery process seriously. If you don’t, there is a chance you could run into severe consequences. So, to help you heal properly after treatment, Dr. and our… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth with Lasers

Did you know that lasers are now being used in dentistry to correct smiles and improve your oral health? Thanks to modern technology, laser dentistry has begun to explode, making your various oral health ailments easily removable with precision laser treatments. Actually, lasers have been used in dentistry as far back as 1994, but have… Read more »

What Can You Do to Prevent Sleep Apnea?

The best way to thwart sleep apnea is to understand its causes. Sleep apnea is caused by failed or obstructed breathing patterns when you are unconscious or sleeping. Although sleep apnea is commonly linked to snoring, just because you snore does not mean you have sleep apnea. However, many individuals who do have sleep apnea… Read more »

The Health of Back Teeth Can Be Preserved by Dental Sealants

The molars and premolars in the back of your mouth are used for chewing and grinding tough foods. To aid in this endeavor, mother nature has designed the biting surfaces of these teeth with textured tooth enamel. While this makes them more efficient for the task at hand, these deep pits and fissures can also… Read more »

What You Should Know About Dental Anxiety

How often have you hesitated to set up an appointment with your dentist? If you worry about these appointments, you aren’t alone. However, did you know that individuals with dental anxiety might have a hard time even visiting their dentist? In reality, even the idea of scheduling an appointment can cause an anxiety or even… Read more »