There Are Several Different Options to Consider when Improving Your Smile

A white and winning smile is beneficial in many social situations. Things like tooth chips, visible fillings or tooth discoloration can leave you feeling self-conscious. Fortunately, your dentist, Dr. , is well-versed and experienced in several different cosmetic dentistry applications. If your teeth are merely suffering from staining issues, you might be interested in our… Read more »

The Advice and Tips You Need to Properly Recover Following Oral Surgery

Our dental team cares about you and your smile, which is why we strongly encourage you to take the healing period following oral surgery seriously. Oral surgery in , , is a major treatment and you need to do everything you can to properly recover. If you don’t, you could suffer severe negative consequences. So,… Read more »

We Are Proud to Now Offer Oral Sedation

On August 12th through 14th, both Kelsey and I attended the DOCS Oral Sedation Course in Atlanta, Georgia to learn how to implement conscious oral sedation. This will provide our patients with more options for care, and receive their care anxiety free! I was honored to have met the nationally recognised instructors for the course… Read more »

Remedies For a Toothache

As you probably know, a toothache can be a strong indicator that something is wrong with your teeth. Occasionally, your toothache could fade on its own, but usually you’ll need to visit a dentist to have the issue addressed. Still, what do you do if you have a toothache but aren’t able to visit a… Read more »

Missing Tooth? We Can Help!

Do you ever wonder what you could do about missing teeth? If you are missing teeth, you probably know that it can be an uncomfortable experience—but do you know what your restoration options are? You probably know that you should consider dental crowns and dentures, but please don’t forget about the benefits of a dental… Read more »

Why You Need to Get Your Teeth Whitened

There are many important events in your life, however one of the most important is probably your wedding day. Naturally, you want everything from your dress to your decorations to be perfect, but do you know what you can do to enjoy a perfect smile? Of course, while your wedding is one important day that… Read more »

How is Sharing a Toothbrush Bad for You

Do you ever consider using someone else’s toothbrush? Do you think using a toothbrush isn’t a problem, especially if you’re only sharing with a significant other? Would you be surprised to learn that you should actually never share your toothbrush with anyone? As you’ve probably guessed, you also shouldn’t lend your toothbrush to anyone. You… Read more »

Concerns You Might Face With a Lost Crown

When your dentist, Dr. , cemented your crown in place, it was intended to fully restore the function and appearance of the tooth for a very long time. However, there are situations when a blow to the face, oral injury or periodontal disease can weaken the cement that secures your crown to the abutment, which… Read more »

Dental Veneers for the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Minor imperfections, chipped tooth enamel, and deeply stained teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. Dr. has the training and experience to help you find just the right method to give you the ideal smile you’ve always wanted. There are a few cosmetic restoration options to choose from. Selecting the best option to… Read more »

The Three Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

As you may already know, dental cleanings in , , are vital if you want a strong and successful oral health, but do you ever wonder why? If so, our team is more than happy to tell you! There are many reasons why dental cleanings are beneficial for your oral health and smile, and four… Read more »