When a patient has tenderness in the jaw joint area, clicking in the jaw, or a jaw that locks open or shut, Dr. Tammy Perison may treat TMJ in West Seneca, New York. We offer a variety of TMJ treatments at our office to meet the needs of the patient.

Night & Day Guards

TMJ disorder can be caused by teeth grinding and clenching. This often occurs unconsciously during sleep. To prevent this, and to protect the teeth and jaws, we provide night guards. We also provide day guards.

Bite Alignment & Adjustment

When you close your jaws, your teeth should come together evenly or at the same time. When the bite is uneven, this puts stress on the teeth, supporting bone, TMJs, and muscles. During a bite adjustment, our dentist reshapes the biting surfaces of the teeth to correct the bite.

Restorative Dentistry

Teeth grinding and clenching may cause wear to the teeth or damage to restorations like dental bridges. If needed, our dentist will perform restorative services to replace damaged dental restorations and to restore worn or damaged teeth.


Our dentist may also recommend orthodontic treatment to correct your bite and misaligned teeth.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can correct any structural issues that are causing the TMJ disorder.


If needed, our dentist may prescribe medications for pain or swelling. Muscle relaxants or anti-anxiety medication may also be recommended.

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