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Your mouth’s natural saliva production is designed to help wash away stray food particles and loosened plaque after eating. If it is hampered in some way, it can increase the bacterial presence in your mouth while also allowing plaque acids to build up. This can place you at increased risk of suffering cavities and periodontal health problems.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic dry mouth problems, yet you’re unsure of the source, you should consider scheduling a dental checkup with Dr. Tammy Perison. During this appointment, she can help assess the severity of the problem and the underlying source of your dry mouth symptoms.

Sometimes a new prescription medication can reduce saliva production. While you will need to continue taking the medication, you might want to consult with your primary physician to see if there are methods for maintaining adequate moisture in your mouth. This might be as simple as periodically sipping on water throughout the day or using prescription saliva substitutes.

Chronic dehydration can also lead to chronic dry mouth problems. This is even more likely to be the case if you consume alcohol on a frequent basis or you use tobacco products. These factors can also cause an infection in your saliva glands.

There are certain medical conditions that affect the kidneys, liver, or blood that can also cause reduced saliva production. It’s also worth noting that oral and pharyngeal cancer can also cause dry mouth issues.

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