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A bone graft is a special procedure created to fortify a weak jaw bone. Many people get bone grafts because their jaw has been weakened over time due to tooth loss and will not support a dental implant without a graft. Others may have suffered a weak jaw from injuries, disease or old age and have speaking or chewing issues because of it.

Thanks to modern technology, bone grafting is a relatively painless and minimally invasive surgical procedure. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Tammy Perison and his assistants will begin by providing you with a local anesthetic to numb the area. Once you are fully numb, Dr .Tammy Perison will make an incision in your gum tissue. Then she will attach the bone graft material to the exposed bone. The bone graft material may come from another part of your body, such as your chin, or it may come from a cadaver. It will contain added collagen and proteins to help your jawbone grow. The oral surgeon will then suture your gum tissue closed.

Over time, new bone will absorb the graft and strengthen your jaw. Full healing can take anywhere from three weeks to nine months depending on the extensiveness of the procedure and the condition of your jawbone. After that, we will be able to place a dental implant if needed.

Do you have questions about your upcoming bone graft or are you interested in having such a procedure? Just call Tammy Perison, DDS Family and Cosmetic Dental Care in West Seneca, New York to book an appointment with our oral surgeon, Dr. Tammy Perison or simply talk to a member of our friendly staff. We’re here to help!