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If you suffer from dental anxiety, then we have exciting news for you! Dr. Tammy Perison is now offering sedation dentistry, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable during your dental appointments. Millions of Americans get nervous about dental care, which is why sedation dentistry has become popular in recent years.

Sedation dentistry is provided in various levels of sedation. These levels do depend on your personal anxiety needs, which Dr. Perison will be happy to help you with. The process is simple. There are oral sedatives such as laughing gas, or sedation can be given through an IV if needed. Sedation dentistry is very safe and is approved by the American Dental Association as well! Thanks to the success rates of sedation dentistry, thousands of people are now able to get the oral help and treatment they have needed.

If you still have questions about sedation dentistry, please call our office at 716-674-5256 to set up an appointment. Our staff is happy to help you feel as comfortable and safe as possible while you are in our care. So, don’t let your dental anxiety hold you back from excellent oral health any longer. Call us today, and let us give you the dental treatment and care you deserve.