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Have you ever gotten lost in the hordes of knowledge available at our fingertips that seep across the valleys on the internet and beyond? One day we hear a story about how wonderful a certain food may be for our health, only to have it debunked shortly thereafter. With so much information and disinformation all around, how are we expected to know what to trust? Luckily, the world of dentistry adheres to a simple understanding that if a habit is bad for your oral hygiene, then no amount of sugar coating will make it better. Below is a list of bad habits that can do damage to your health:

– Are you a binge eater?

– Do you have a tongue piercing?

– Do you ever have snacks in between meals?

– Do you drink sports drinks or processed juices?

– Do you ever chew on pens, pencils, or other objects?

– Do you play contact sports without a mouth guard?

– Do you ever chew on ice cubes?

– Do you ever open things with your teeth?

– Do you grind your teeth when you sleep?

– Do you ever chew on hard candy?

If you answered yes to any of the above 10 questions, your habits are damaging your teeth.
If you answered no to all 10 questions, congratulations! You are on the right track to oral hygiene superstardom!

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